Important final exam notes: please read

The final exam has been posted to Canvas, and will appear in the “Files” tab at noon tomorrow.

A few very important notes:

  1. I don’t want people to be overly stressed about the time, so I made the time limit 4 hours instead of the original 2½. This does not mean I actually expect it to take you that long; I just want to err on the safe side.
  2. Do keep up a good pace. There are some hard and/or long questions, and I’m confident you’ll be able to get through it all if you stay focused. But don’t let yourself get dragged down into any mental rat holes.
  3. Do not look at the exam until you’re ready to print it and take it. Once you download the file and open it in your PDF reader, your timer starts!
  4. Finally, we talked today on Zoom about typing your answers instead of writing them. That’s fine, I still agree to let you do that. But just to be crystal clear, even though you will be typing some code, you are NOT allowed to compile it or run it! It would probably be best for you to type your code in Word or Google Docs, instead of in vim or Eclipse/NetBeans/IntelliJ, just to avoid the reflex temptation to compile regularly as your type (which of course is what you do when you’re actually doing software development, as opposed to answering exam questions.)