CPSC 240 — OOA&D — Spring 2024

Development environment setup

Due: Saturday, Jan 20, 11:59pm

We'll be doing our development on the cpsc.umw.edu server this spring. Here are the instructions to get going:

  1. Very carefully and thoughtfully read chapter 1 of the book.
  2. Read pages 4-18 of the book carefully and thoughtfully a second time.
  3. If you're enrolled in CPSC 225 this semester, do the first couple of lessons now. If you were enrolled in CPSC 225 during a previous semester, re-do the first couple of lessons now.
  4. Follow Ian's excellent instructions for getting remotely logged on to cpsc.
  5. At the cpsc command line, type the following one-word command:
    $ vimtutor
    Before pressing any more keys, first read the resulting screen carefully. Then spend about 30 unrushed minutes following vimtutor's guidance to help you begin to learn the vim text editor.
  6. Finally, follow the steps on pages 19-20 of the book to create a project directory, create a HelloWorld.java file using vim, and compiling it and running it. When you get the program to run and successfully print the message "yo sup dawg", go back into vim and change this to your own favorite slang phrase. Recompile and re-run the program. Then send an email to cpsc240submissions@gmail.com with subject line "CPSC 240 -- development environment turn-in" and with your slang phrase in the body text.