CPSC 240 — OOA&D — Spring 2024

"Zork++" phase 2 — Implementation: standard features

Due: Wednesday, April 17, midnight

Zork++ phase 2

For Zork++ phase 2, your team will fully implement (code) and debug your game engine's standard features.

Recall that I described the standard features in detail in the Zork++ phase 1 description, and that your code must work exactly as described, with .zork files in exactly the format described. This is so that every team's engine works (in part) in the same way and I can therefore reliably and efficiently test everybody's functionality.

You may use this sample .zork file that includes instances of all the standard events (Score, Wound, Die, Win, Drop, Disappear, Transform, and Teleport) to help test that your game engine works properly. All the events, when triggered, should work exactly as described.

Additionally, I will expect to be able to type "health" and "score" at the interpreter prompt and see proper and meaningful output.

Turning it in

To turn in this assignment, one team member send an email to cpsc240submissions@gmail.com with subject line "CPSC 240 Zork++ phase 2 turn-in", Cc:'ing the other team members. There should be no attachments, and the body of this email should simply say, "Have at it, Stephen!" Kenzie will clone your github repo and test your latest committed-and-pushed code.

We need help!

Send email with subject line "CPSC 240 Zork++ phase 2 HELP!!!" and be sure to Cc: your teammates!