My Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to work enthusiastically and wholeheartedly for God and for others, living in near complete self-obliviousness.

I seek to know God more fully, to abide in Him more deeply, to submit to His Lordship, and to give Him pleasure and praise.  I want to learn from Him what only He can teach me, and rejoice in His wonder.
I am devoted to the ultimate well-being of others, whether they want me to be or not.  I passionately seek the highest and best for every person who enters my sphere.  I rejoice when they achieve goodness and excellence, and I grieve when they fall into sin or wastefulness.  I pour out my life for them in whatever way I can to help them find and fulfill their purpose.

As for myself, I have no ambition other than this mission.  In particular, I do not seek and do not accept the praise, respect, or rewards/treasures of this world.  I do not need others to like me, nor do I particularly want them to.  My identity and my joy come from God alone.  My decision-making process is internal, and involves the quietness of my spirit communing with God to determine the best course of thought and action.


There are also a number of basic principles that permeate my entire mission, and which I pledge to abide by and believe. These listed here are especially important since I seem to be prone to violating them. They include:


God is sovereign over all the earth.  There is nothing I can do, inadvertently or intentionally, to cause His plan to go awry.  And there is nothing I could do or need do to accomplish it.  His plan will happen because He wills it.  Therefore I do not live in anxiety, but in peace.  And I will not erect any little plan of my own to compete with God's.
I will not lift up my soul to any idol, worshipping and fearing it.
I receive my power and encouragement and direction from God.  I cannot sustain my walk alone, not for more than a few steps, but His endless reservoir is sufficient for me.
I endure hardship as discipline.
I am not afraid to try, or to fail.
I am not afraid to lead when necessary, with or without recognition for it.


I do not let others dictate my values.  My values are generated internally, in the quietness of my heart and under the counsel of my Lord.
I am not interested in resume-building or impressing others with my accomplishments. And my level of success in any field will not change this.
I do not compare or compete with others. Instead, I collaborate and cooperate. I do not envy others or secretly desire their failure.
I do not particularly care whether I am praised or exalted, or by how much.
I receive affirmation from God, and I give affirmation to others.  I do not try to give from my own resources, which are insufficient, nor do I seek affirmation from others, since it is unreliable and also insufficient.
I affirm, love, and support my fellow man, but I do not demand or expect anything in return. Whether others respect me is not an issue. Whether they appreciate what I've done for them is not an issue. I do not depend on them in any way for my happiness or security.
I don't follow the crowd. Sometimes I am drawn to the rich and famous and popular, and admire genuine achievement there, but more often I do not, instead being drawn to take an interest in the low place, which others think is irrelevant.

The world

I fix my eyes on Jesus.  I do not listen to the Accuser, who spreads only lies.  I do not focus on the worldly distractions he dangles in front of me: I do not agree with him that they are important and worth pursuing.  And I do not agree with his overall evaluation of me, either.
My concerns do not involve my own personal comfort, pleasure, entertainment, wealth, or material possessions. I am indifferent to these.
I desire just enough wealth not to be a burden to others; just enough health to stay productive and not be distracted; just enough rest to be active-minded and eager.
I focus on "things above," that is, the ways of God, here in my heart.  In every situation, I consciously forsake the earthly interpretation, choosing instead to examine the deeper spiritual implications in light of my mission and ultimate values.
I will not stress about time, my schedule, making every single hour most productive. I am a good steward of my time, but do not worship it.
I will not stress about money, my budget, making every single dollar most productive. I am a good steward of my money, but do not worship it.


Stephen Davies

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Last modified: August 22, 2006