Stephen Davies

Welcome!  I'm a lucky professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  My goal here is to connect with students in a myriad of different ways, investing in their lives and helping them to discover who they are and who they want to be.

More than anything, I'm devoted to the pursuit of truth and understanding, whether that has to do with technology, the inner workings of the mind, or discovering a philosophy of life.  If you're game, come join me on this quest!



allthemath A fun, non-traditional, self-paced curriculum that aims to teach All The Math You Need For Computer Science.
CPSC 240Object-oriented Analysis & Design

Recent publications

Venkatachalapathy, R., Davies, S., Nehrboss, W., "Wealth dynamics in the presence of network structure and primitive cooperation", Presented at The Computational Social Science Society of the Americas annual conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Oct.24-27, 2019.
Davies, S., "The Twin Impact of Homophily and Accessibility on Ideological Polarization", Presented at The Computational Social Science Society of the Americas annual conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Oct.19-22, 2017.
Davies, S., Zontine, H., "The Surprising Effect of Implementation Choices on the Rate of Convergence of Opinion Dynamics Models", Presented at The Computational Social Science Society of the Americas annual conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nov.17-20, 2016.
Davies, S., Brown, M., "Toward an Agent-Based Simulation of the Factors Impacting Diversity Within a College Student Body", Proceedings of the 47th Winter Simulation Conference (WSC15), Yilmaz, L. et al., Eds., December 2015, pp.3973-3984.
Crawford, M., Davies, S., Griffith, A., "Predicting Metapopulation Responses of a Tidal Wetland Annual to Environmental Stochasticity and Water Dispersal Through an Individual-based Model," Ecological Modelling, vol.316, November 2015, pp.217-229.

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The Other Side 

Life is so full of fascinating things to learn and do that I've always had a multitude of interests.  In addition to being a computer geek and professor, I am:

Pro-Christ: A Christian whose love relationship with God pervades everything I do.  Read my mission statement.
Anti-Trump: A steadfast opponent of the presidency of Donald Trump and everything it stands for, in part because he is by far the least Christ-like President in our nation's history.
A devoted family man with a terrific wife and three teenaged kids.
A die-hard fan of UMW athletics, especially women's basketball.
A sinophile (student and devotee of all things Chinese.)
A lover of literature, especially science fiction, fantasy, and the 19th century novel.  My favorite modern novelists are Ethan Canin and Sheri Tepper; my favorite dead novelists are Charlotte Brontë and Fyodor Dostoevsky; my favorite non-fiction writers are C.S. Lewis and Evelyn Underhill.
An enthusiast and student of the constructed language Esperanto.
An INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality indicator, if you know what that means.
A Star Wars trilogy fanatic, having grown up with the series from an early age.
A slow but steady bicyclist who has participated in several long races.
An undying fan of pop artist Annie Herring.  Her musical expression and spiritual passion are among the most inspiring wonders I have been privileged to witness on this earth.

Contact Info

Stephen Davies
Trinkle Hall - B22
Department of Computer Science
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Ave.
Fredericksburg, VA  22401

E-mail: my first name, followed by the domain name "umw dot edu."

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Stephen Davies

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